The Kitchen

An essential part in the life of all the days, the kitchen deserves a true reflection before starting its development. Here are a few tracks for ask you the right questions.

Set the style
According to its aspirations and its financial means, the owner can choose between contemporary, classic or even traditional style cuisine. With a contemporary style, the room and all the components are designed with modern materials such as transparent glass. It is ideal not only for the furniture, but also the

For individuals who appreciate the discretion, softness and elegance, they need the classical style composed of natural materials, style perennial and giving more convenience. Those who appreciate old-fashioned warm kitchens can opt for the traditional style including furniture and wooden accessories.
After choosing his style, the owner must adapt colors and decoration of the room. But, the help of a professional is required, in this case, to avoid a bad choice.


The work plan and furniture
With respect to the work plan, the individual can choose between standard and custom. According to its aspirations, it may opt for the stratified or solid wood. The first type, which is also the most used, has the main advantage of being tenacious shock and temperature variation. Also, it requires no complex maintenance and presents a better quality/price ratio.
As for solid wood, it also requires not difficult maintenance, but tenacity is lower than laminate. In cases where the owner has recourse to a tailor-made plan, the following materials are the most recommended: Slate, stainless steel and enameled lava.
There are many elements in a kitchen. It is important to find a location to avoid their heaps, necessitating the cabinets. Each object must be placed close to their place of use. Thus, the glasses and plates must be near the dishwasher and the pans not far from the plates. For regular dishes, furniture and down are required. But to predict future changes, it is advisable to choose the modular storage furniture.

Wood Has Good Energy Performance For Your House

Wood is a material that has some very good energy performance for homes. It is a very good insulator and a good humidity control.

There are various wood types and manufacturers of wooden houses select for their qualities of strength, thermal performance and interviews.

Energy performance of a wooden house

Wooden walls

Compared to concrete, wood insulates better. Thus, a twenty cm thick wooden wall insulates better than a wall with thirty cm of concrete. It can be more easily in compliance with current standards.

Wood allows the release of the volume and not having too big walls. Home Builders will also opt for plant material that enable to obtain good yields.

An ecological House

The energetic quality of wooden houses is also to consider depending on the renewal of the air and, based on this, its quality. Thus, wood absorbs moisture and rejects in the House when the air becomes too dry. It thus plays a role of natural ventilation.

wooden bedroomA facing of wooden with a cladding, stucco House and coatings help to achieve very good energy performance.
The solid wood House

In principle, solid wood homes are made with a structure in which an insulator has been integrated. It thus opts one insulation of very high level for a good price.

The House of solid wood is made of logs or planks that are placed one above the other. There is an insulator that is placed between each log. Insulation and maintenance of wood

Isolation of wood also requires good maintenance. The stain is essential. Its role is to protect from UV rays. They indeed could make the grey wood. Depending on the orientation of the House, a more or less regular maintenance, will be required: between three and ten years for iron stain.